40+ Available Summer Internship with Warner Brothers Discovery 2024

Summer Internship with Warner Brothers Discovery

Established in 1923, Warner Bros. Discovery is a prominent American company in the film and entertainment industries, with its headquarters located at the Warner Bros. Studios complex in Burbank, California. The studio has produced works based on animation, video games, and award-winning movies.

Warner Brothers is not only the industry leader in American entertainment, but it also provides opportunities for aspiring talent to advance their careers. By joining the company and working in various production processes, such as marketing, financial data analysis, programming, antenna management, journalism, video production, and many other areas, you can gain experience under the supervision of senior colleagues and advance your career.

Summer Internship with Warner Brothers

One of the qualities that employers look for in their applicants is strong motivation and confidence, which is what makes looking for internship positions in firms possible. No one wishes to employ a demotivated employee who would perform at the highest level for the firm. These internship opportunities are available with the Warner Brothers entertainment firm; the application process ends in September 2024, Read the list below.

1. Apprenticeship For Marketing Kids TV

This position is available to those who would like to collaborate with marketing teams and improve their talents in digital marketing. Apply Now


  • Collaborating with other marketing teams such as PR, and Digital apprentices in operating kids channels in English-speaking Africa.


12 months (1 year contract).

2. Full-time Financial Analyst (Digital & Physical Product)

Available to applicants who want to work with the financial planning & analysis department, working specifically on digital business. Apply Now


  • Preparing monthly reports of customers in France and Benelux.
  • Analysis and optimization of tools
  • Improvement of implemented tools


12 month (1 year contract).

3. Presentation Coordinator (Full-time)

This role is available to applicants with good managerial skills, You will have to make sure that every activities is coordinated from beginning to end. Apply Now


  • Create daily programming based on audience and marketing goals.
  • Qualitative research, competition analysis, and audience report
  • Information coordination by playing a key role in broadcasting, creative, production, marketing, and digital teams to guarantee unhindered operations.


12 months (1 year contract).

4. CNN Documentary Internship

The documentary internship takes place in the New York City region. The intern will help with ideation and story development, arranging photo sessions, and gathering editorial and video resources. Apply Now


  • Development of documentary stories
  • Gathering shoots and video materials
  • Assist in the scripting process


Starting on October 7, 2024, and ending on December 13, 2024, the program will last for ten weeks.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility Internship

Find possible CSR possibilities that are in line with the goals and values of our firm through study. Apply Now


  • Engage with third-party partners to leverage resources and maximize impact
  • Report project outcomes and achievement
  • Monitor, collect data, and user feedback, and identify areas of improvement

Check for more internship roles

Due to the high number of interns from other countries applying for the same position, your chances of being accepted into the team are somewhat low. Therefore, to secure your desired role and join the production team, remember to follow these guidelines below:-

  • Be confident and apply for roles you very good at
  • Practice interview questions related to your field
  • Make sure that your CV, portfolio, resume, or other proof of experience appears approachable and uncomplicated.
  • Make sure to give it your all during the interview process and don’t hesitate to ask the HR manager questions.
  • Remember to follow up
  • If you get rejected for a role, don’t be depressed; you can try again
  • Most importantly, schedule practice sessions to improve your skills.

Eligibility Requirement

  • Each role has its required eligibility criteria, please make sure to check
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability
  • Certificate from an accredited institution
  • Must have good academic grades (Minimum of 3.0 cumulative or above GPA)
  • Effective English-language communication

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